What is Starnet Eclipse?

IN CREATING ‘STARNET ECLIPSE’ WE HAVE DARED TO BE DIFFERENT AND CREATIVELY INSPIRED. STARNET ECLIPSE WILL BE A GAME WHICH IS BEST DESCRIBED AS “GAME CREATED FOR THE GAMING COMMUNITY BY THE GAMING COMMUNITY.” YOU, THE GAMER, ARE THE CREATOR OF THIS FPS TITLE. The earth has limits, but the universe doesn’t. It gives you an unparalleled experience second to none. Starnet Eclipse is a futuristic FPS game that is being built for computer platforms, Xbox One & the PS4. This is a project that is 100% built for the community, by the community. It is a game that has no limits to what it has to offer you as an individual, it is a title that creates opportunities for gamers, editors & live streamers. We have focused a lot of resources on developing the Sniping, Competitive play & Editing/VFX side of this FPS. It’s not just a game, it’s an experience & an opportunity to pursue your passion.