What are pledges?

Pledges are contributions that any user can make to the Starnet Eclipse Project. They represent a regular payment starting from $5 to $25000 for purchasing Starnet Eclipse.

Where do pledge money go?

All the pledge money goes towards the development and publishing of Starnet Eclipse.

 What are the different kinds of packages/pledges?

Please refer to have a look at Starnet Eclipse packages.

Can I purchase advanced (high featured) packages after purchasing a basic one?

Yes you can! However it is advisable to opt for high featured package at the first time itself.

Will I be able to gift the package to my friend?

Yes you can gift your friend with Starnet Eclipse. Make sure you have appropriate pack, so that you can gift your friend.

What to do if I have problem in accessing the game build and access code you sent?

Contact twsupport (@), we will help you in resolving the issue.

How many times will I be able to use the access codes?

You will be able to use the access codes only once.

Why should I purchase the beta access now?

You will get extra benefits of Starnet Eclipse, many more rewards as the game move towards its completion. You are pre purchasing not only for the extra rewards, But for the benefit of the gaming community.

I have purchased the beta access now, when will I be able to get access to the game?

We are making sure that the deadlines are met, so that beta can be released to the appropriate backers on the estimated release date. You can expect the beta access (+ or -) 2 months from the estimated release date.

How can I make my purchase?

You can log on to, for purchasing Starnet Eclipse.

What are the payment options?

Pay Pal and Stripe are the available payment option.

I have availed the package with cinema feature, will I be able to use it?

This feature is still in development state. Once the feature is ready, we will let you know via mail and through our forum. You can avail the facility. If you are high valued backer, you will have the feature in advance.

I have purchased a pledge pack, I have codes in my rewards but I can’t redeem?

Please contact twsupport (@), we will resolve the issue ASAP.