Who is iCazual Entertainment?

We are an internationally registered fully functioning game development company with our primary office in the United Kingdom. We are engaged in developing next-gen FPS games that can be played on all the latest game playing platforms. We shall provide opportunities for all budding game creators to be a part of our game development process; by doing so, empower the individual and enrich the gaming community. We develop games that will attract the attention and admiration of all game lovers; young and old, across the nations and ages. Our games are near futuristic, imaginative and interactive. We keenly intend to incorporate the choices and preferences of our game playing patrons such as you, without altering the strategy and the nature of characters of our games. All our games and concepts will abide by all ethical and moral scrutiny and actively promote healthy values. We firmly believe that success belongs to those who see beyond the obvious. It is such people who make an impact on the society and become part of the league of extraordinary achievers, trend setters and path breakers. And to speak of those who limit themselves to what they can see and feel do so at the peril of being considered as normal mortals. They will be counted as one among the millions who have journeyed on this earth.