System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements for playing Starnet Eclipse: Core i3-530 2.9GHz, Phenom II X4 810, GeForce GTX 470, Radeon HD 6970, Win 7 64, 4GB, DX 11, 8 GB Max.

Do you have any packages for weapon upgrades?

At present we have few weapons to access, In future more weapons will be made available, as the game move towards completion. Most of them are free to access, some features need to be bought.

Can the rewards earned in single player mode transferred to multiplayer mode?

No you cannot transfer the in game rewards from single player mode to multi player mode but you will have access to the rewards obtained at the time of purchase in both single and multiplayer modes.

Can I have custom camo option?

Yes you can have custom camo option. This option is only for those with appropriate pledge package. Check for packages with custom camo option. In future we will create a clause system, which can be used for customizing.

How big can the maps be?

Most of the Starnet Eclipse maps are aimed to medium size. We have few small as well as big maps, in Starnet Eclipse.

Is it possible to have my character created?

May be yes, if you are a backer of high value, or a big You Tuber, we may consider you but we don’t accept everybody nor their character.

Is it possible to change the texture of the game?

Yes you can change the texture of the game. Depending on your system specs, you can choose either high or low texture.

Will there be updates for the game?

Yes, we will have an update every month. As we move further, we will have a weekly update depending on the support of the community.