Why Starnet Eclipse stands out from other FPS games in the community.
starnet flying character
Experience Elite open world maps
We have a beautiful world being developed into gameplay. A breath-taking solar system awaits to be conquered by only the bravest of soldiers who are willing to battle the Eclipse! We are building maps for the most strategically strong minded gamers in order to rise up to an eSports level.
Gameplay Recording
We are introducing never-seen-before software and technology into our title. We have basic to advanced editing & 3D data capturing technology built into our game that works on the cloud, we are introducing 'Cinema' that allows you to have your recent gameplay on your PC without a recording device or editing software & so much more!
Video making & cloud Technology
eSports is the future of gaming, we want to prepare our title for gamers worldwide to play competitively. We are introducing tools not only in-game but also external technology that will allow you to manage your competitions & live streams with ease like never before!
Check back soon for major updates!