I am not receiving the account activation link or when I try the Account recovery option I am not receiving an email?

If you do not see an email after initiating the Account or Account Recovery option, first check your spam or junk folder. If you still do not see the activation mail or recovery mail, it may be that the account was registered under another email address. Please contact and inform us of the login you used and we will be able to assist in recovering the account.

How do I change my login name?

Unfortunately your login ID is permanent and cannot be changed. If you still wish to change, write to twsupport (@)

How to change my password?

You can change the password by clicking your account name and selecting change password from the drop down box.

 I received a package as a gift, why do I not have the associated title?

The titles that can be selected on the website are indications of backer pledge level. If someone were to gift a package even though the package is no longer on the account, that account still made the purchase for the package and only the account that makes the purchase is credited with the associated pledge level increase. The pledge level titles from the website may not necessarily be the titles used in game.

I gifted something to a friend and they are not shown as a backer.

The Backer status is an award for FINANCIAL backers of the game. In order to be considered as a backer, a purchase should be made on the account. Since backer status is determined by making a purchase, it cannot be transferred through gifting because the recipient of the gift did not make the purchase. Note that this also applies to the various stretch goal rewards. These rewards are applied only to accounts which have financially backed Starnet Eclipse and not those with only gifted packages.

How do I reclaim purchase?

The pledges once made are final, since we will initiate the manufacturing process for your physical rewards. If you still need charge back, write to twsupport (@)

I am not getting my activities updated in my account?

Please contact twsupport (@) to resolve the issue.

Can I play Starnet Eclipse after deleting my Starnet Eclipse account?

No you need a Starnet Eclipse Id to access Starnet Eclipse. If you accidently deleted your account please contact our support.