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Brand: iCazual
Product Code: Phoenix
Availability: In Stock
Price: $750.00

The Phoenix is back! And it has brought with it some amazing rewards!                           


By choosing this package you have earned the following rewards:


-3D model of a map. [Physical Item]

-Name in credits of the game and the Starnet Eclipse site.

-3 Alpha & Beta access codes.

-Exclusive “Phoenix” tag in forums and in game.

-Orion + Primordial + Moon Camo.

-Big Poster. [Physical Item]

-Small Poster. [Physical Item]

-Sticker pack. [Physical Item]

-3 Copies of the full game on any platform. [Physical Item]

-Mouse pad. [Physical Item]

-Starnet Eclipse wristband. [Physical item]

-Hat. (Snapback) [Physical Item]

-Access to VIP forum section.

-Email from the CEO.


Thank you for your support friend! We appreciate it. :)


NOTE: We really want to say Thank You for your support so: You have also been entered to win the following opportunities & rewards:


           - Get a chance to play with FaZe on any game. (3 winners)
           - Win a Starnet Eclipse & FaZe Clan shirt. (3 winners)
           - Skype call with iCazual. (3 winners)
           - Early access to every future game version before public release up to launch date. (1 winner)
           - Win a chance to create your own gun with iCazual developers.
             (Winners will be announced on November 25th 2015 at @StarnetEclipse on twitter.)

    Your physical rewards will be shipped out during September & will reach your location before the end of November 2015..


In case you do not receive your IRL rewards due to any reason, please contact support(@) We will be at your service right away.



Online FPS Multiplayer


Windows Mac

(Next Gen console coming soon.)


English IUSI.