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Brand: iCazual
Product Code: Master Guardian
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Price: $1,000.00

For the support you have made today, we hereby anoint you The Master Guardian of Starnet Eclipse!


You have hereby also earned the right to claim from us some of the 'best of the best' rewards:


-Name in credits of the game and the Starnet Eclipse site.

-4 Alpha & Beta access codes.

-Orion + Primordial + Moon Camo.

-Big Poster. [Physical Item]

-Exclusive “Master Guardian” tag in forums and in game.

-Small Poster. [Physical Item]

-Sticker pack. [Physical Item]

-4 Copies of the full game. (PC) (Digital) (Console) [Physical Item]

-5 months of premium membership.

-Mouse pad. [Physical Item]

-Starnet Eclipse USB. [Physical Item]

-Hat. (Snapback) [Physical Item]

-Access to VIP forum section.

-Email from the CEO.

-Physical letter from CEO. [Physical Item]

-Starnet Eclipse wristband. [Physical item]


Thank you for your support friend! We appreciate it. :)


NOTE: We really want to say Thank You for your support so: You have also been entered to win the following opportunities & rewards:


           - Get a chance to play with FaZe on any game. (3 winners)
           - Win a Starnet Eclipse & FaZe Clan shirt. (3 winners)
           - Skype call with iCazual. (3 winners)
           - Early access to every future game version before public release up to launch date. (1 winner)
           - Win a chance to create your own gun with iCazual developers.
             (Winners will be announced on November 25th 2015 at @StarnetEclipse on twitter.)

            Your physical rewards will be shipped out during September & will reach your location before the end of November 2015..


In case you do not receive your IRL rewards due to any reason, please contact support(@) We will be at your service right away.



Online FPS Multiplayer


Windows Mac

(Next Gen console coming soon.)


English IUSI.